Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I'm a MP... Get The Whip Out Of Me!

Nadine Dorries is to join some other people you've never heard of in the jungle on Sunday.

Apparently, she isn't doing it to pursue a media career. She's using it as a platform for her political views and will be sharing her policies on various issues of interest to her constituents.

We think that Nadine obviously has never seen the show, because that's not quite how it works. The only things that the contestants get to share their views on are kangaroo's vital organs, cockroaches and each others' personal hygiene habits.

The Conservative party has never been short of controversy. Their response to Nadine's TV appearance was to "withdraw the whip".

Now come on, seriously, that sounds like exactly the kind of perverted act that the Conservatives are more usually in the news for!

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