Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Only Way is Epic

Went to see The Pub Landlord, Al Murray, recently. Very good indeed.

His show has moved on a bit, merging comedy with self-help in not a dissimilar way to Neil Mullarkey. The Only Way is Epic attempts to have the audience so proud of their own prejudices that we feel epic, in the sense of national and sexual superiority, of course. As epic as a football hooligan does as he sticks an Italian fan's head through a shop window, maybe.

The Landlord's original shows featured racism, sexism, jingoism, nationalism and masochism in a way that had the audience screaming with laughter from the very start, only to find out through a slow unravelling of the Landlord's back story that we were actually laughing at our own prejudices. It turned out that he had a good reason for hating the French, Foreigners, Women and Gays. But we didn't.

Mr Murray takes a photo of the audience at each show. We're 6th row back on the left of the photo.

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