Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hell's Kitchen? Well, it wasn't Heaven's Cafe...

We were in London recently and took the opportunity to visit one of +Gordon Ramsay's restaurants, the Bread Street Kitchen. A kind of raucous cafeteria with an industrial theme frequented by a lot of people who looked like gangsters.

It was interesting. The service was outstanding. The scallop (just one) was OK, and the meatballs were excellent. The cheeseburger was average, with a trendy shiny bun, a not-very-tasty burger and a lettuce/mayo mix on the bottom which, under the hot burger, turned into the kind of wilted sludge that you get in a Big Mac. The triple cooked chips were nice at first but became tiresome and stodgy, and actually were just like the deep fried roast potatoes you'd get in a Brewer's Fayre on a Sunday. The surf and turf was £35, with rather salty steak.

So all in all, we liked the bread and the meatballs. Everything else was average and overpriced.

For the above, plus a beer, £92. Including a 12.5% service charge which was added for our convenience.

Thanks Gordon, that certainly took a weight off our minds.

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