Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Why a Privatised Postal Service is Wonderful

Long before Christmas, a company in Russia said they were sending me something. Today it arrived. So that's about 6 weeks.

I didn't know what the package was so I was very excited, and you can imagine my disappointment when I called UPS last week and they told me that because the address on the package was illegible, it had gone back to the sorting centre. What they didn't tell me was that it had gone to the centre in Germany. They told me they'd deliver my package on Monday. I told them to deliver it on Tuesday instead. They delivered it on Monday anway. But what could it be?

A big padded envelope. 

Hmmm. The address doesn't exactly look illegible. It wouldn't be the first time that UPS have lied to cover up the fact that they can't be bothered to ask for directions to my house. Ah well, what could be inside?

Another envelope? My hopes are fading fast that it's an expensive present. But it could still be gift vouchers or a certificate or something.

OK. Let's look inside.

The music stops and it's another envelope! It's blank on the front and has my name stapled to the back.

OK, well, it must be something small but very valuable and exciting. Let's see!

Um. I'm speechless.

Oh, wait - this has come all the way from Russia, so I've finally figured out what it is. A set of Russian dolls!

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