Monday, 16 June 2014

Banksy Does Will Smith Up Against a Wall

OK, so this may not be an actual Banksy piece of urban art, but it's definitely graffiti of some kind, spotted today in Birmingham's cosmopolitan urban art district i.e. railway arches.

I thought the face looked familiar, and then it struck me. I think the ears were the giveaway.

Who'd have thought that we'd find Hollywood A list celebs sitting for urban portraiture in sunny Birmingham, which has more shopping trolleys and discarded handbags floating in canals than Venice.

Star Wars Cast Take Time Out for Shopping

Rumours are rife about the upcoming Star Wars episode 7 filming, with Harrison Ford literally tripping over his own feet and breaking his ankle in a desperate bid to Tweet photos of the new Millennium Falcon being built at Pinewood Studios.

I wonder if they vaccinated the spacecraft for the Millennium Bug?

Anyway, since the cast of the film have a bit of time on their hands, they've been catching up on some shopping, Earthling-style, by joining the posse at Storage Hunters for some leftover Earth bargains such as drug labs, illegal weapons and trombones.

See if you can spot the Ewoks in these still images taken from the show....

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The 10 most important photographs of the last 50 years

On the BBC news website today, the 10 most important photographs from the past 50 years.

What could they be?

Surely, a young soldier in Vietnam? Maybe a peace protester facing down a tank in China? 9/11?


They include such important works as this:

Peter Fraser is one of the great colourists in photography. His pictures involve subjective, deeply felt, instinctual responses to the look of things in the world. There is the sense of a searching use of the camera and an openness to the potentially infinite pictorial possibilities of what is around him. Colour is integral to the ways in which his photography opens up new and unexpected ways of depicting aspects of the everyday and ordinary.

This is beautifully brought out in this picture of two plastic buckets, and the way it concentrates us on the subtle shifts in tones of blue between them. What might have been seen as obvious and common is transformed in this picture, made special and strange. The photograph is from a series he aptly titled Everyday Icons.

I'm obviously missing something...

Sunday, 1 June 2014

It's the Village Bike...

A man in Glasgow was in court recently, accused of trying to have sex with a bike. We don't mean a promiscuous local tartlet, we mean an actual bicycle.

"Mr Stewart was caught in the act with his bicycle by cleaners in his bedroom at the Aberley House Hostel in Ayr."

Maybe, in an attempt to explore his sexuality, he got bisexual confused with bicycle.

"Stewart had denied the offence, claiming it was caused by a misunderstanding after he had too much to drink."

Ah yes, a misunderstanding of course. Maybe one of his flatmates said that there was a ride waiting for him in his bedroom. He'll be a bit saddle sore now, I should think. He needs to break the chains of love and get a handlebar on his life. Put the brakes on a bit.

Oh, and of course, get a life.

Mind you, that's nothing compared with the American who tried to have sex with a cashpoint machine.

"Police in Murfreesboro, Tenn., say Lonnie Hutton, 49, strutted into the Boro Bar and Grill, cozied up to the ATM, pulled down his pants and underwear and then attempted to have sexual intercourse with the machine."

Another misunderstanding, obviously. When his friends said there was a hole in the wall... you get the picture.