Monday, 14 July 2014

Who, oh Why, oh Why???

There are some odd things for sale on eBay. Here's one that I just tripped over...

Why on Earth would anyone buy just the rusty old hinges and handle???

Oh - to make their own pasting table. I get it. Well, they'll need some hardboard for it. Let's see...

So that's £6 for the old hinges, £1.90 for postage and £6.67 for a piece of hardboard. Plus you'll need some wood for the frame and legs. Let's say 4 pieces at £1.72 each. That's a grand total of... £21.45


Oh, wait, while I was on Wickes' website buying the parts to make a pasting table, I saw this...

I don't get it.

Wickes. It's got our name on it. And it's stuck on with glue that will never come off, so your DIY projects will always have a torn, tatty label with our name on.


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