Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Virgin Trains are Lovely People!

Virgin Trains are great. I did something stupid last night and booked train tickets while tired and booked the return journey in the wrong direction with non-refundable tickets. Duh! So I contacted Virgin's live chat help desk.

Adolf: The tickets booked by you are E-tickets which are actually non-refundable under any circumstances. However, as a one time exception, I am offering you a full refund for your tickets. The amount of £16.00 will be processed to your account by 18-05-2015.

Peter Freeth: Oh my goodness! How amazing! I am so grateful because it was a silly mistake. I can't believe I put the stations in the wrong way round. Advice: Don't book train tickets when tired.

Adolf: Okay. But for your future reference I wish to advise you something.

Peter Freeth: Yes?

Peter Freeth: Get some sleep?

Adolf: While booking online, please check your “Shopping Basket” page and confirm the journey details. So that if there is any error in the booking, you will come to know of it immediately.

Peter Freeth: Of course. I was rushing. My fault.

Peter Freeth: You're awesome!

Adolf: You are most welcome.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Top Gear is Back! Again! It Never Left! Who Cares!

The BBC has announced 'new' presenters for Top Gear. A loudmouth git, a crash test dummy and a posh one. But they're not the old presenters, honest.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Americans! Vote for the person on the telly! You know it makes sense!

In 2008, one of these men became President of the USA, just when we needed a tough,
honest, post-apocalypse, no-nonsense leader the most... 

In 2016, one of these women could become President of the USA, just when we need a tough, strong, no-nonsense, let's restore a normal society and have nice clean streets leader the most...

So who says that Hollywood films are used to covertly influence voters and that the American public are stupid enough to vote for whoever looks like the hero on telly?