Thursday, 24 March 2016

Social media sites respond to Facebook rebranding

As expected, other social media sites are responding to Facebook's dramatic rebranding as reported here earlier today.

LinkedIn will become Linky McLinkface

Twitter will become Twitty McTwitface

Pinterest will become Pinny McPinface

Tumblr will become Tumbly McTumbleface

YouTube will become Tubey McTubeface

Whatsapp will become Whatsy McAppface

Kik will become Kikky McKikintheface

Google+ will continue to be of no interest to anyone

Facebook to undergo major rebranding

In a move said by many observers to be nothing more than, "jumping on the bandwagon", Facebook is to undergo a major rebranding for the first time in its 12 year history.

"We have to move with the times", says Mark Zuckerberg. "We actually created the whole concept of social media, but we have to recognise that the world moves on, and our competitors sometimes have good ideas too, and we have to capitalise on that if we're to retain our market leading position. If I see something that I think is going to lead us into the next market evolution, of course I take advantage of it."

Industry analyst Jed Schokenau said, "Facebook isn't just a website, it's a part of people's lives. Hell, for some people, it really is their life. If they don't see a cat video or a meme about having a wonderful daughter, they lose all sense of direction in life. So this is a massive move for Facebook, this is really a seismic shift in the whole social media ecosphere, and I think we'll see other social media players following suit."

Zuckerberg denied claims that the rebranding is just an attempt to get cheap publicity, emphasising, "No, honestly, it's really really true. It is. Honestly."

We've secured a sneak preview of the new branding for you, but to see it live on the site you'll have to wait until next week.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Three Sucks

For some time now, Three mobile have been taking 4 direct debits for 3 accounts. I rang some time ago to ask why, they said the 4th was for out of contract charges such as roaming. OK. So I just called again and it turns out they have two numbers assigned to the same SIM and are therefore billing me twice every month. They never thought to mention this before.

Call 1 to customer service helped me to figure out the problem. At the point that the agent was about to give me the conflicting number, I got cut off.

Call 2 needed a bit of backtracking to get the number, and confirmed that they have two accounts in my name, same phone, different numbers. The agent escalated the call to Amit. Amit said hello, and I got cut off.

I waited 20 minutes for Amit to call me.

Call 3 and I had to start completely from scratch, all over again. I had to explain everything that was going on. The agent couldn't just transfer me to Amit. I had to explain everything again. I was getting frustrated. Finally she figured that I had to speak to Amit. Then she told me that Amit had already called me. No he hadn't. What number had Amit called me on? Oh yes, of course, the redundant number which they told me has never been used. I KNOW IT'S NEVER BEEN USED, IT'S A DUPLICATE!! SO WHY IS AMIT CALLING ME ON IT??

Now I'm waiting for Amit to call me on, amazingly, THE NUMBER THAT I CALLED THEM ON.

Meanwhile, their music on hold is interrupted by an advert... "Getting charged for 0800 numbers sucks..." No, purple muppet, getting charged twice for the same phone is what sucks.

Let's see what happens.

p.s. an hour later... no call back from Amit yet

12 hours later... no call back from Amit

Call 4. Can I speak to Amit? No you can't. You have to wait 24 hours for him to call you.